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The Unification of the Two Lands. Opening the Star Gates of Atlantis Egypt, Ireland & UK

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Hapi the twin neteru uniting the two lands or tying the knot. The symbol for Upper Egypt was the Blue Lily or Lotus, the symbol for Lower Egypt was the Papyrus plant. As seen in the image above, tying the Lotus & Papyrus plants together represented the Unification of the Two Lands

On the 30th September 2012 a group of remembered souls came together for, The Unification of the Two Lands.  The goal was to open the Star Gate portals that exist between Atlantis Egypt and Ireland to anchor the crystalline higher consciousness grid. 



Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Workshop - The Science of Ascension

12th, 13th & 14th August 2022

Ashbourne Co. Meath

Discover the Book of Coming Forth by Light

The ancient Mystery School Science of Ascension

"Deep in Earth's heart lie the Halls of Amenti, far 'neath the islands of sunken Atlantis. Halls of the Dead and halls of the living, bathed in the fire of the infinite ALL. Far in a past time, lost in the space time, the Children of Light looked down on the world. Seeing the children of men in their bondage, bound by the force that came from beyond. Knew they that only by freedom from bondage could man ever rise from the Earth to the Sun. Down they descended and created bodies, taking the semblance of men as their own. The Masters of everything said after their forming: "We are they who were formed from the space-dust, partaking of life from the infinite ALL; living in the world as children of men, like and yet unlike the children of men." - The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

The ancient Egyptians made no distinction between a metaphysical and physical state of being, any distinction, to them, would have been pure illusion. We exist as a hierarchy of energies, energies which experience different orders of densities, which vibrate and rotate at different speeds and angles. Since Einstein’s Relativity Theory it has been accepted that matter IS energy, with its molecules rotating and vibrating at a very slow and constant rate of speed. This is why things appear solid to our earthly senses, the slower the vibration the more dense and solid the object will be. In the Spirit world the molecules vibrate at a much higher rate and are not solid or dense. So, our universe exists as a hierarchy of energies from the slowest and most dense which is matter, to the fastest and most subtle which is Spirit, in between these two are an infinite range of vibrations.

The Neteru of Ancient Egypt. The word Neteru has been translated as Gods & Goddess. The more accurate translation of the word Neteru is Nature

In ancient Egypt these hierarchical energies were called Neter (translated by Egyptologists to mean creator gods) the Neteru (plural of neter) while existing in various different states and densities were, at their highest rate of vibration, ultimately ALL ONE. Theses energies/neteru exist as an interrelated, fractal holographic system in which each level is sustained by the level below it and are a mirror image of each other on larger and smaller scales, AS Above So Below. These universal energies/neteru in their pre creation state were pure potential energy. The ONE cosmic and creative force through whose actions and interactions created, maintained and continue to create and maintain the universe. In the Litany of Ra it describes Ra as “The One joined together who comes out of its own members” the different aspects or members of Ra are known as the neteru, Ra is unity, the coming together of all the different energies/neteru into ONE, “The One who is the All”

This image is from the tomb of Tutmose lll who re-established the Mystery Schools at Karnak Temple. His tomb is KV34 in the Valley of the Kings Luxor. The image shows the Three eye of the Mystery Schools, The Left Eye of Thoth - The Right Eye of Ra - The Middle (third) Eye of Horus

The Eye of Ra and the Eye of Thoth were the two aspects of the Mystery Schools, one male and one female. Ra was the Heart whose symbol was the sun and was the male aspect, Thoth was the Tongue whose symbol was the moon and was the female aspect. It is through the fusion of these two that the divine child Horus, the Third Eye is born. In these teachings were encoded the most profound mysteries and secrets regarding the creation of humanity and the universe in which we exist. In the Book of Coming Forth by Light (called by Egyptologists the book of the dead) it states that nothing existed except the ONE who created the universe with his/her voice “I am the Eternal…I am that which created the Word….I am the Word” Scientists agree that the creation of the universe was kick started by sound which is reflected in their theory of the Big Bang. The ancient Egyptians also agreed that sound, the word, was the catalyst for creation. It was the words of Ra as spoken and revealed by Thoth that became the physical manifest universe. The Word is a sound wave frequency which has its own corresponding geometrical forms, shapes and densities.

The universe is musical, harmonic, Uni meaning one, one verse, Universe

For the ancient Egyptians man was a miniature universe, just like the universe, man is a unity that consists of different parts joined together. Man, who is made in the image of the Creator, therefore is also “The One joined together who comes out of its own members”. If man is the universe in miniature, then all the skills, forces, powers, attributes and abilities existing in the universe and in the Creator also exist in man. The “Principle of Correspondence”, is one of the 7 Principles of Hermetic Philosophy, (Hermes was another name for Thoth), which states AS Above, So Below, this principal describes how everything exists as an image of everything else on smaller and larger scales. In the Litany of Ra each body part of the divine man is associated with a neter and as such, every action performed by man effects the entire universe just as every action performed by an individual part of the human body effects the entire body. The heading of the Ancient Egyptian papyrus known as the Rhind (Mathematical) papyrus states: “Rules for enquiring into nature and for knowing all that exists, every mystery, every secret”, the ancient Egyptians understood that numbers and their interactions, called by us mathematics, was the basis for ALL THAT EXISTS. For the ancient Egyptians the whole universe was animated, meaning that it was energized by life forces, this concept is reflected scientifically with the kinetic theory where each particle of any matter is in constant motion, energized by life forces. In the animated world of ancient Egypt, numbers were not just dead units of calculation they were also used to symbolically describe the processes of creation. They were considered to be representative of the neteru (gods) who were the different aspects of the ONE creative cosmic energy known as Ra and as such were both male and female.

Squaring the circle and the ratio 8:9 represents the perfect tone

Sacred Geometry was also part of the profound cosmic wisdom taught in the mystery schools, geometry, like numbers had male and female shapes. Curved lines, circles and spirals were all considered to be female whereas straight lines and angles were considered male. Circles were female, squares were male. The ancient Egyptian pharaoh was always known as the Lord of the Two Lands, the Two Lands are commonly referred to by Egyptologists as the two lands of Upper and Lower Egypt. As with all the ancient mystery school knowledge, there is layer upon layer of deeper and more profound information depending upon your own level of understanding. Throughout the temples of ancient Egypt you will see representations of the symbolic ceremony of the Unification of the Two Lands also known as Tying the Knot. This unification is represented by the twin neteru named Hapi who were a mirror image of each other, and who are tying the lotus and papyrus plants together, the lotus and papyrus were said to represent upper and lower Egypt. According to the ancient Egyptians there are 9 realms or levels of existence made up of 7 heavens and two earths, the two earths were also known as the two lands, the Creator exists in the most distant heaven. It is said that when Khnum the ram headed neter (god) fashioned the first humans on his potter’s wheel he did so by creating them in pairs, one male and one female. These twins are said to separate at birth and only come together again at death, at which time they once again become ONE. We exist here in the first Land or 8th realm but our equal and opposite twin exists in the second Land or 9th realm. The coming together of these two equal and opposites was known as the Alchemical or Sacred Wedding also as Tying the Knot or the Unification of the Two Lands. It is said that these two twins that live in earths 8 and 9 are in perfect harmony with each other, in musical terms the ratio 8:9 represents the perfect tone.

Vitruvian Man - The circle represents spirit & the square represent matter. Spirit & Matter are the Two Lands that only the Human Being can connect, As Above, So Below

One of the titles of the god known as Thoth was the Master of the City of Eight, the number of Thoth was 8. Among other things the number 9 represents the Grand Ennead, the 9 creator gods (neter) known as Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys. The 9 creator gods were all aspects of Ra whose symbol was a circle with a dot in the center.

The circle with the dot was the symbol Akhenaten used for his Mystery School. It is also the Third Eye, the Eye of Horus in the Three Eyes of the Mystery Schools

Remember that it was the sound energies (word) of Thoth that transformed the creative impulse of Ra into a physical and metaphysical reality and it is this transformation that was reflected in the process of squaring the circle and circling the square. The so called mathematical papyri of ancient Egypt shows that the diameter of a circle was always represented as 9 cubits and the square represented with the sides of 8 cubits, resulting in the ratio of 8:9, the perfect harmonic tone. It is in Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man also known as the Proportions of Man that we see how it is that the Human being him/herself solves the riddle of squaring the circle and circling the square. The internal alchemical process of uniting the two lands, male and female, spirit and matter, conscious and sub conscious, higher self and lower self, results in the birth of the Divine Child, the Third Eye Is activated and the star gate of super consciousness is opened.

King Menes who united Upper & Lower Egypt. King Menes is buried in Knockmany Co. Tyrone Ireland

The first Pharaoh of Egypt was known by many names such as Menes, Mina, Narmer etc., and lived approx. 3ooob.c. , it was this Pharaoh Menes that the ancient Egyptian texts say united the two lands of upper and lower Egypt. Hieroglyphic text inscribed on the Great Ebony Label found in 1901 by Sir Flinders Petrie in the "tomb" (cenotaph) of King Menes at Abydos (Petrie, 1902), describes how King Menes had embarked on a voyage of exploration with his fleet "to the Sunset Land in the Western Ocean": (Urani Land)"King Menes, the Ruler of Mizraim [Egypt], the Land of the Two Crowns, the perished dead one in the West of the Horus race . . . The Commander-in-Chief of Ships made the complete course to the end of the Sunset Land. Sailing in ships, he completed the inspection of the Western Land. He built there a holding in Urani Land. At the Lake of the Peak, fate pierced him by a Hornet (Kheb, or Wasp) . . . This drilled tablet set up of hanging wood is dedicated to his memory."

The distance from Khufu's Great Pyramid to Tara Hill is one-tenth of the planetary circumference 36.00°

The ancient eastern and western borders of Egypt were separated by exactly 1° 09’ separation. Coincidentally the same as the distance between the Paris and Greenwich meridians The distance from Khufu's Great Pyramid to Tara Hill is one-tenth of the planetary circumference 36.00°, while the distance from Avebury to Tara Hill is one-hundredth of the planetary circumference.

Notice that one of the names given in the inscription for the Western Land is Urani, which is associated with Erin, the old name for Ireland. In light of the fact that the "tomb" at Abydos did not contain the mummy of King Menes, then we must look to Ireland Urani Land for the burial place of, "the perished dead one in the West”. The final resting place of Menes was discovered by Professor Waddell at Knock many in County Tyrone. - (Makers of Civilization in Race and History) Written tradition such as the text on the walls of the Temple of Edfu in Egypt, speak of sages and creator gods who came to Egypt in Zep Tepi or the First Time. These divine beings or sages who came from "the Homeland of the Primeval Ones," (Urani Land, Ireland) are said to be the founders of the very first prehistoric Egyptian civilization. It is said that they re-established the sacred mounds at very carefully chosen locations along the river Nile, after which they embarked upon a temple building programme in order to re-establish their homeland after a catastrophic flood. The Shemsu Hor or Disciples of Horus, were a race of enlighteners who dwelt on ten pre-diluvian islands. One of their magi (Druid) was the god Thoth. A catastrophe occurred in the distant country of the gods to the west, but Thoth led them across the sea to an eastern country (Egypt). Thus it appears that Thoth was once the ruler of an Island Kingdom beyond the western horizon before the Egyptian priests turned him into a god. Nu, the Egyptian god of the Primeval Sea, is represented on the marble sarcophagus of Seti I as being up to his waist in water with arms upraised to carry the Solar Boat across the Sky. The boat, with its ten royal occupants, is being carried above the flood waters engulfing their mountainous island home in the West. It would appear that this scene depicts the final migration from the Lands of the West, Urani Land (Ireland) to Egypt because of the sudden loss of Atlantis.

Thoth carries the Solar Boat across the sky from Urani Land to Egypt

In the Emerald Tablets of Thoth it says, “Great were my people in the ancient days, great beyond the conception of the little people now around me; knowing the wisdom of old, seeking far within the heart of infinity’s knowledge that belonged to Earth's youth. Wise were we with the wisdom of the Children of Light who dwelt among us. Strong were we with the power drawn from the eternal fire. And of all these, greatest among the children of men was my father, Thoth, keeper of the great temple, link between the Children of Light who dwelt within the temple and the races of men who inhabited the ten islands “ It is said that Thoth was born in a distant country to the west which was across a body of water. In Chapter LXXXV of the Book of Coming forth by Light (Papyrus of Nu), Thoth rules the "Western Domain," and by the end of the New Kingdom he is called "Lord of the West" (Seth, 1912). He is said to be the inventor of writing, astronomy, mathematics and civilization in general (Budge, 1960). Thoth is often called the Scribe.

Thoth Master of the City of Eight

The Children of Light (the druids) were also known as the Children of the Circle, they were the builders of stone circles and sacred mounds such as Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth and the many stone circles of Ireland and Britain. When this highly advanced race arrived in Egypt they began to build Temples and Pyramids along the river Nile.

When we examine the geometry of these sacred sites we notice that in Ireland and Britain we see circles and mounds, in Egypt we see square, rectangle and pyramid shapes, the female geometric structures being left in Ireland and Britain and the male geometric structures in Egypt. The planet Earth, like the human being has an energy body and that body has vortex energy centers called Chakras, As Above, So Below. The heart chakra of the earth is Ireland and Britain and the throat chakra is Egypt. According to the processes of the Alchemical Wedding when we unite the two lands of Ireland and Egypt we are uniting the Heart and Throat/Tongue of Planet Earth, the two eyes of the mystery schools coming together, the right eye of Ra the heart and the left eye of Thoth the tongue/throat. With this perfect fusion we will open, once again, the energetic portals that connect the ancient power sites in Ireland with the sites in Egypt, in particular Tara the seat of the magical Tuatha de Dannan and the Great Pyramid of Egypt. The fusion of the two lands of the conscious and the sub conscious, the return of the goddess, the feminine, the intuitive, creative, the telepathic, a return to the land of the immortals. The opening of the Hall of Records , the star gate portal that is the Third Eye.

Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland is divided in the same way as Upper & Lower Egypt and the ratio of division is identical!

As you can see from the maps above, Upper & Lower Egypt was divided in the same way as Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland is divided today and the ratio of division is identical! When we look at the map of Ireland and UK we can see that they were once one landmass, one country, one people. It is time now to Unify these Sacred Lands and its people, the Children of the Law of One. In ancient Egypt it is King Menes who united Upper & Lower Egypt. Is it a mere coincidence that King Menes is buried in Co. Tyrone Ireland? We are the people of Atlantis, the Wisdom Keepers, the Masters. It is time now to heal the divide, to bring the tribe together. When the Sacred Land is divided, the people are also divided, As Above, So Below. We are here on a mission, its time to wake up and REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

Akhenaten returned the knowledge of the Language of Light to the people in ancient Egypt.

He restarted the Mystery Schools and brought many souls through to immortality. Akhenaten understood that the people were under a spell, the spell of the Amen priesthood. Many of the souls that were brought through to immortality are here now. Geometry, the Language of Light is an Activation for the Light Body, it is Protection from the Spell. It is Akhenaten who said, “I am the Light of the World, and so are you”. Next to Akhenaten’s name was always the phrase Ankh em Maat meaning Living in Truth. The daughter of Akhenaten is buried in Glenscota Tralee Co. Kerry Ireland. Her name is Meritaten but in Ireland & UK she was known at Scota or Scotia. Why is she buried in Ireland? She was returning to the Sacred Land of her ancestors, Atlantis.

When we look at the map of Ireland and UK we can see that they were once one landmass, one country, one people.

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