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11TH TO 22ND 


How many lifetimes have you waited to enter the Great Pyramid, the Stargate?

“Do you not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of heaven or, to be more precise, that everything governed and moved in heaven came down to Egypt and was transferred there? If truth were told, our land is the temple of the whole world.” - The Lament of Hermes Thoth


The Book of Coming Forth by Light

Each temple is a different chapter in the Book of Coming Forth by Light aka the Book of the Dead, which describes the ancient Mystery School wisdom of "learning to die while alive".    It was the goal of every Mystery School Initiate to pass through the transition of death and return back into the same body.  Fear was and is the biggest barrier to Ascension, fear will always hold you back and the biggest fear is the fear of death.  The key to this transition is to retain the memory of the experience, wisdom and knowledge gained on the other side, to bring it back and activate in the physical. In this way the Initiate becomes an Akh effective soul in the 3D world, an Ascended Master, a Master Manifestor.  This process of initiation was known in the Mystery Schools as Ascension.  It continues today in the form of Near Death Experience but is not understood by most for what it is, the Sacred Process of Ascension. 

The Path of the  ancient Mystery School Initiate was to climb the 7 stepped stairway to Heaven, also known as the 7 seals of the Nile.  To achieve this goal the Initiate simultaneously traveled through the inner space of the energy centres of the body, while moving through the temples and pyramids of the 7 Seals, the 7 Chakras, 7 levels of Consciousness.  The lessons of each energy centre or Chakra must be learned and overstood in both the male and female aspects, each Chakra must be balanced and activated before moving on to the next.  The process begins in the Root Chakra and culminates in the Third Eye and Crown Chakras and takes many lifetimes to complete.  The Akh effective souls, the Ascended Masters were also known as the Masters of the Inner Net.  This inner journey of moving through the Chakras was reflected in the physical movement of the initiates through the temples and pyramids on either side of the Nile from South to North, from root to crown chakra.

The outer walls of the temple of Edfu speak of a time known as Zep Tepi or the First Time.  The writing on the walls of this temple tells us that the Egyptian civilization was founded by 7 sages who came from the Homeland of the Primeval One's, an island that had sunk because of a catastrophic flood.  They were also known as the Neters or Gods and Goddesses.  It was they, we are told, created a network of temples, sacred sites and pyramids which would mirror the human body and the Cosmos for the purpose of retaining the connection between Heaven and Earth.  They did this by first establishing the centre of the Earth which they found to be at Giza.  The Great Pyramid marks the exact centre of the landmass of the Earth.  It was here that they placed the first of a series of sacred mounds which ran down along either side of the river Nile.  

According to the Edfu building text, no temple or pyramid could be created unless it was placed on top of one of these sacred mounds whose purpose was to mark the sacred centres or Chakras of the Earth.  This was a world wide network of sacred mounds which radiated out from the centre, the Great Pyramid.  The net is a crystal grid where the Great Pyramid is the Master Crystal at the centre.  In other words every sacred mound all over the Earth, placed at the time of Zep Tepi, were all connected back into the Great Pyramid.  This network of the Neter is based on Sacred Geometry and on the Law of Correspondence. “As above, so below; as below, so above”.  The net of the Neter resonates in the higher frequencies and is the pathway out of 3D and into the Crystal Christ level of consciousness.   In mirroring the human body they used the river Nile to represent the spine and pranic tube.  The temples and pyramids represented the Chakra or 7 levels of consciousness.  The Great Pyramid is a scale model of the human brain and of the Earth and represents the 7th Third Eye and the 8th Crown Chakras, the Stargate.  In mirroring the Cosmos the river Nile represented the dark rift in the Milky Way, the temples and pyramids along the Nile mirrored the stars and constellations on either side of the dark rift.  They were bringing Heaven down to Earth by creating a mirror of the stars and constellations on the ground.  Another name for the Mystery School Initiate was Star Walkers, moving  through the temples and pyramids on their sacred journey meant that they were literally walking through the stars. 

The ancient name for the Giza plateau was Rostau, now if you look at the Greek word for the cross on which Jesus is said to be crucified, it is called Stauros which is Rostau spelled backwards (with an extra s).  The word Giza in Hebrew means cut stone, was Jesus not known as the cornerstone that the builders rejected?  If we look at the etymology of the word Giza, we will see that Giza and Jesus are the same word.  The Ascension of Jesus took place at Giza, the knowledge of this has been distorted down through the ages.  It was Akhenaten, following in the footsteps of his great great grandfather Tuthmose lll, who reignited the Mystery Schools.  Tuthmose lll,  earlier in the 18th dynasty had restarted the Mystery Schools at Karnak temple.  Rostau/Giza was the place of the final Initiation and the Greatest Mystery School of them all, it was the place of Ascension.

We discover the information regarding the Archons from the Nag Hammadi texts.  Here we are told that the Archons have created a false network, one in which they can trap souls.  To the uninitiated, the false network is indistinguishable from the organic network of the Neter, the purpose of the network of the Neter was to ensure that the connection between Heaven and Earth was maintained  for all life everywhere.  The purpose of the network of the Archons is to ensure that souls cannot Ascend and remain trapped in the net lifetime after lifetime.  The Archons are thought forms which become manifest in the physical through the lower collective and individual consciousness.  We are told in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth that the Archons blasted spaces below the surface of the Earth for themselves, a place from which to excise their fear, domination and control.  The spaces below the Earth are symbolic of our subconscious but are also physical spaces too. They exist in their space below Rostau, their sole function is to guard the Gateway out of their false net, to keep souls trapped.  The Key to this Gateway of the false net is the Speed of Light.  The geometries of the network of the Neter along with the Speed of Light are encoded in the Great Pyramid.  The Great Pyramid is the Book of Coming Forth by Light in stone.  Beneath Giza also exists the Hall of Records, the Sphere of Amenti and the Halls of Amenti.  When we accelerate our consciousness beyond the Speed of Light we exit the third dimension of the physical and we return to our natural state, the Light.  One of the names of the Great Pyramid was Ta Khut which means The Light.  You are omni dimensional, ageless and timeless, you are infinite and eternal.  Beyond the speed of light, there is no time, everything is here and now.  You are the Light dreaming that you are a person.  

You are the thinker of the thoughts, the dreamer of the dreams and the creator and manifestor of realities.  
There has never been a more crucial time to overcome our fear, to exit the archon false matrix of control and enslavement and to remember that we are the Masters of the Inner Net.  We do not need a middleman to connect with God, we have our own direct connection.  We do not need money to manifest our dreams, we are the Akh effective Master Manifestors.  We have always existed in Heaven, there is nowhere else to be.  Individually and collectively we are the Eternal Creator, we cannot exist outside of God.  All evil and darkness are illusion and created by the absence of love, evil is the absence of love, darkness is the absence of light.  The fear is created by our negative thought forms, the archons, it's time to Break the Spell.

Edfu Temple



1st Seal Root Chakra

Horus was a solar diety, representing our Sun, whose parents were the stars Isis (Sirius) and Osiris (Orion).  It is here at Edfu that the battle between Horus and Set took place.  A battle which was symbolic of the struggle between light and dark, male and female, the process of reconciling the opposites within human consciousness for the purpose of Ascension.  The Edfu Building Texts are a vast repository of knowledge written on the walls of the temple itself.  It speaks of a time known as Zep Tepi, the First Time, when the divine beings or 7 Sages established the sacred mounds along the river Nile.  These mounds were to be the foundation of all temples to be built in Egypt in the future.  The Edfu Texts state very clearly that the purpose for the establishment of the sacred mounds along the Nile (the Net) was to bring about the "the resurrection of the former world of the gods, the Neter"  The former world had been the home of the "Primeval Ones" whose previous homeland had been devistated by flood.  We are told that this former world was an island which stood in the midst of the primeval waters and it was here that the creation of the world began.



2nd Seal Sacral Chakra

Khnum the ram headed god is said to have fashioned mankind on his potters wheel.  He creates the divine blueprint, the creative pattern of the Ka, DNA which carries the information for all life.  The name Khnum means to "create or join together", he is a water diety which associates him with the flooding of the Nile and the waters of life and birth.  It is said that Khnum imbues the instincts into the body which act as guides for consciousness to know itself and remember its divine origins.

Neith, the self created goddess, who weaves the net of creation, wears a weaving shuttle on her head.  Her act of weaving is synonymous with modern string theory.  Neith who is associated with Thoth, the divine intellect, weaves the net of the energy, nervous and other systems of the body to facilitate intellect, perception and higher consciousness.  Her act of weaving is symbolic of the divine process of the male and female, active and passive principals continually at work in creation.



3rd Seal Solar Plexus Chakra

The temple of Karnak is known as the "Temple of constant creation" as it was continually being added to over time.  Amun is described as the "Hidden One" and "The coiled serpent in the mound of creation".  An illustration on the walls at Karnak temple shows Thoth in the act of "stretching the cord" for the creation of the Net.   This Net is the Space Time Matrix the knowledge of which was used to teach initiates how spiritual forces can be brought into manifestation in the physical world.   Those who "stretched the cord" were known as the Masters of the Net.  Inscribed on the temple walls, in reference to this teaching, it says "These initiates are being taught how to catch and cast magic"  These initiates were learning how the etheric and energetic templates were laid down in physical space which allows all energy, consciousness and matter to manifest in the world.  This is a highly advanced form of spiritual training which describes the process of the creation of the Universe, the descent of spirit into matter using the Golden Blueprint of Creation.



Temple of the Divine Child

the Perfected Being

3rd Seal Solar Plexus Chakra

Luxor temple was created to be a symbolic representation of the perfected physical body.  The remembered spirit having descended into matter, using its golden blueprint of creation at Karnak temple, begins the process of growth from child to adult.  The immaculate conception of the divine child, the perfected being, takes place in the part of the temple that represents the third eye, in the head of the temple.  The temple of Luxor describes the structure of the human body including the energy portals known as the Chakra.  Schwaller de Lubicz, who measured and mapped Luxor temple described the ancient Egyptian concept of, Man as the Cosmos in physical expression.   The Cosmos is a projection of human consciousness and consciousness is volume.  The ancient Mystery School Masters saw the Cosmos as an act of divine conscious creation.  The seed of that divine consciousness and its power of manifestation, was present in every human being waiting to be returned to its divine state through the process of spiritual alchemy, the transmutation of mortal man into its divine and enlightened state. 

Schwaller discovered the sacred geometry and divine proportions that linked the cosmic realms and terrestrial nature through physics, alchemy, mathematics, art and astronomy encoded in the temple.  The construction of Luxor temple was begun by Amenhotep III, the father of Akhenaten, and was completed by Tutankhamun, the possible brother or son of Akhenaten.  The story of the immaculate conception of the divine child Khonsu to Amun and Mut, is told on the walls of Luxor temple a long time before Jesus.  In this instance Khonsu can be compared to Jesus,  Amun to Joseph and Mut to Mary.  It is here at the temple of Luxor that the knowledge of and ability to achieve Christ Consciousness is preserved in the form of the Cosmic Flame of Ascension.  Lux is a standardised unit of measurement of light level intensity, which is commonly referred to as "illuminance" or "illumination, Or means Gold, Luxor means Golden Light.  It is this golden light that the Great White Brother preserved in the form of the Ascension Flame at Luxor temple.


Masters of the Inner Net

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