Flower of Light Mystery School

Flower of Light Mystery School

From the Emerald Isle to the Blue Nile 
Atlantis Ireland Egypt

Hi I'm Antoinette, founder of the Flower of Light Centre, Luxor, Egypt Established since 2006.  

It is my life mission & the goal of the Flower of Light Mystery School to reconnect the ancient lineage of the Wisdom Keepers of Atlantis Egypt & Éire Ireland.  The Centre was created to stand as a Witness to those Masters of the Inner Net, to be a bridge between the past and the future, to reawaken and make available the ancient Science of our Ancestors.  Creating the Centre fulfilled my mission and an ancient prophecy that a Mystery School would arise in Luxor for the Aquarian age.  The Flower of Light is the only Irish Egyptian Mystery School in Egypt.  

Meet the Flower of Light Team

Nestled quietly at the majestic mountains of the Valley of the Kings, overlooked by the sacred mountain known as Thoth Hill, surrounded by the Sacred Sites, the Centre is at the very heart of ancient Egypt. Created in environmental harmony and residing on a powerful energy spot, this beautiful Eco Centre was built using natural materials throughout, an oasis of beauty, peace and tranquility, perfect for relaxation and meditation.   Just minutes away from the River Nile and on the edge of the traditional Egyptian village of Qurna the Centre is within walking distance of shops, restaurants, pharmacy's and the local markets. Luxor city centre is only a short journey away which affords our guests the best of both worlds, traditional village life with the hustle and bustle of Luxor centre only minutes away.

The Flower of Light is new, refreshing and unique, Egypts's only Irish Egyptian Mystery School offering Ancient Wisdom Workshops, Courses & Sacred Journey's for groups & individuals.  Private Consulation's in Past & Future Lives Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique the Dolores Cannon method. Trained & Certified by Dolores Cannon. 


Events Egypt & Ireland 2017

Ireland Awakens Conference September 2017

Antoinette Glynn   

 Sunday, 17 September 2017 

From the Emerald Isle to the Blue Nile The Atlantis Ireland / Egypt Connection 

Equinox Workshop Friday 22nd to 24th September 2017

Alchemy, the Mystery Schools, Sacred Geometry & the Flower of Life.

Discover the Master Manifestor in YOU!

Sacred Solstice Journey Egypt 11th to 22nd December 2017

Join me on this Mystery School Initiate Journey of Activation & Ascension through the sacred land of Egypt.  

Discover the Blueprint for Creation & become a Master of the Net