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Flower of Light Mystery School

From the Emerald Isle to the Blue Nile

Sacred Solstice Mystery School Journey Atlantis Ireland

14th to 20th June 2020

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Join me on this 7 day Journey journey of discovery & awakening.  Atlantis Eire and her ancient sacred sites contain the pre flood high wisdom & technology of our ancient ancestors, the Masters of the Net.  Journey through Mythical  Mide the 5th province of Ireland.  The 5 provences represent the 5 elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Ether.  Mide the 5th province represents the 5th element, the Ether.  It is a dimensional gateway, a portal to beyond the veil. 

We are the 144,000, we do not come from any physical place or space.  We are light and as such we exist everywhere, all at the same time.  We locate sparks of our Consciousness in Physical Time and space,  only when we choose and only for a Sacred Sole purpose and Mission.  We imbued our consciousness into the casing stones of the Great Pyramid, the Tower of Babel.  There is one stone for each Remembered Light Being,  144,000 casing stones in the Great Pyramid.  Together we are the 9 who are 1, those who were scattered and whose language was confused.  We bring you our Sacred Knowledge, the Book of Coming Forth by Light our Sacred Language known as Hibiru,  the Language of Light.  It is time now, as governed by the celestial bodies, for Humanity to be lifted up, to Remember who they really are.  You are a Light Being and your true nature is Light, it is only a fraction of your sole consciousness that exists in the Cube of the Illusion, Metatrons Cube. 

Tlachtga Hill of Ward  Co. Meath
The Place of the First Time, Zep Tepi & the Mound Builders of Edfu Temple.  The place of the origin of Halloween where the veil between the physical and the spiritual is at thinnest. On the 31st of October the fire of Tlachtga was lit from the light of the Sun.  This ritual brought the Sun of God to Earth and ensured that the Light of the Sun would last throughout the dark months of the winter.  All the fires in Eire were lit from the flame of the Sun until it is said that St. Patrick lit the fire at the Hill of Tara with an artificial flame.  Patrick rid Ireland of its Serpents of Wisdom and extinguished the Sacred Light from the Sun of God.  This ritual each year at Tlachtga ensured the Heaven & Earth remained connected.  Only the high Druids were given access to Tlachtga.  The story of Tlachtga the Goddess & her flying machine, her father Mug Ruth.  Tlachtga flew all around the world collecting all the knowledge and bringing it back to Eire.  Tlachtga's flying wheel is the same as the Indian Virmana's.  


Usineach Co. Westmeath
The Sacred Centre of Ireland with its Cat Stone marking the exact centre of the land mass of Eire.  The Great Pyramid of Egypt marks the exact centre of the land mass of the Earth with its Cat Stone, the Sphinx.  Usineach is connect with water Uisce is the Irish for water.  The fires of Usineach were lit at Bealtaine 1st May.  This site was connected with Lugh & the Goddess Eiru.

Hill of Tara Co. Meath
Here at the Hill of Tara we discover the Sacred Mystery School of Ptah Ra or Ta Ra.  The ancient Hill of Arat which contained the Ark of the Covenant.  Tea Tephi & the Tara Prince. The Mound of Hostages, Nile of the 9 Hostages, St. Patrick & the Ennead.  Patrick is Ptah Rekh a priest of Ptah Ra - Ta Ra.


Loughcrew Co. Cavan
The mound at cairn T tells the story of the bibical Jerimiah and Teamar Tephi arriving into Eire. With them they brough,  besides the royal family, some remarkable things, including a harp, AN ARK, and a wonderful STONE CALLED "LIA-FAIL," or "STONE OF DESTINY."  The seat of the High Kings or High Druids is  and at Loughcrew and sits on a portal.  The mound is aligned to the September Equinox.  Tea married the High King of Eire and their union took place on the Hill of Tara, the symbol of that Unification is the Claddagh ring.  

Dowth Co. Meath
The stone of the seven suns, the Pleidaes and the Hathor's.  The knowledge at Dowth contains the information on the construction of the Tower of Babel.  The Book of Coming Forth by Light is recorded here within the 12 mounds in the Boyne Valley.  The sun sets in Dowth on the 21st Dec the winter solstice, after having traveled through 12 mounds.  The initiate in the Book of Coming Forth by Light has to undergo 12 initiations.  The initiate is the sun, 12 around 1 creating vortex energy dimensional portals & the Time Space Net.

 Newgrange Co. Meath
Newgrange is the Ark of the Covenant along with its twin site the Gt. Pyramid of Giza.  The Blueprint for the Geometry of Creation is inscribed on its stones.  The Triple spiral recording 9 months of gestation. The moment of sole conception being replicated as Crystals inside mound creating rainbows when the sunlight hits.  Face of the female of the stone in the entrance way.  3 stone basins with the process of cell division inscribe. 


Knowth Co. Meath

Map of the Moon & of Atlantis.  Blueprint of Creation, Flower of Life, 18 mounds. 18 circles in the Flower of Life.  

Glenscota Co. Kerry
Glenscota Co. Kerry the place of the burial of the sister of Tutankamon and daughter of Akhenaten.  Buried in Glenscota which means Vale of the Little Flower she rests at the foot of the Finglas Rivulet.  Her story is told in the ancient Irish manuscripts.  Ireland is named after her Scota Mor Ireland and Scota Beag, which is Scotland.  She had 6 sons, one of which was called Fionn, another Heber and another Heremon.  Her husband was Gadeal Glas and he got his name by being cured of a serpent bite in the wilderness by Akhenaten (moses) but after this his arm turned green, glas is the world for green in Irish.  Finglas is named after the son of Scota Fionn Glas.   Gadeal Glas grand father was Phineas Farsa who along with 72 chieftians went to the building of the Tower of Babel.  They combined the 72 confused languages to make Gaelic.  The Tower of Babel blueprint is in the lozenge geometric shape found inside a lot of the mounds.