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Flower of Light Mystery School

From the Emerald Isle to the Blue Nile


Sacred Solstice Mystery School Journey Atlantis Egypt

12th to 21st December 2020

Breaking the Spell!
A Journey of Remembering, Awakening & Ascension

Enter the Great Pyramid 
on the Solstice 21st Dec 2020 

at the exact center of the Planet 
on the biggest energy vortex on Earth!


What are the Mystery Schools?


The name Mystery School is a term which displays a hidden meaning.  This is not unusual as all the teachings of the Mystery Schools were built up with layer upon layer of symbolism and occult (the term occult meaning Hidden) secrets.  The Mystery Schools are a timeless, ageless, omni dimensional philosophical teaching, a scientific study of the Mind.  The Hermetic Axiom “The All is in All and All is in The All” or “God is in All and All is in God” describes the basis of the Mystery School teachings that the Universe is Mental in nature, all is Mind and all is created through the Power of Thought (Thoth). Read More

 Arrive 11th Dec 2020 Evening Dinner & Journey overview

12th Edfu Temple

The great temple of Horus, the solar deity, whose mythical parents were the stars Sirius (Isis) and Orion (Osiris). It is at Edfu that the battle between Horus and Set is said to have taken place. A battle that was symbolic of the struggle between light and dark, male and female, the process of reconciling the opposites within the human consciousness. The tradition of ancient Egypt states that "no site was sacred unless it had been built upon the foundations of an earlier sacred site"  Read More


Esna Temple

Khnum the ram headed god who fashioned mankind on his potter’s wheel. His role as divine potter sees him creating and inscribing the creative pattern of the Ka. Khnum performs a role in physical life by apportioning the instincts to the body, these instincts act as guides for consciousness to know itself and remember its divine origins. Khnum creates the divine blueprint, the replication of DNA that carries the information for all life. Read More


13th Karnak Temple - Masters of the Inner Net

The tradition of the ancient world is called The Masters of the Net, an illustration from the temple walls at Karnak, showing Thoth, the Ibis headed God, who stands behind the Egyptian high culture, stretching a cord, to give the extent of spirit moving in to physical space. While the Masters of the Net was one expression of the type of initiation that took place in great spiritual systems, to teach initiates how spiritual forces can be brought in to manifestation in the physical world, this net that is being described is the same thing that we find in modern physics as The Net of Space Time. Read More


Luxor Temple - The Temple in Man

Schwaller de Lubicz, the French mathematician and orientalist, moved to Egypt in 1935 with his wife Isha and her daughter Lucy Lamy. They measured and mapped the Temple at Luxor in order to yield information as regards to Sacred Geometry and proportion, which describes the link between the cosmic realms and terrestrial nature including alchemy, physics, mathematics, geometry, art and astronomy. Schwaller describes the Ancient Egyptians Pharaonic concept of Man as the center of the Universe in physical expression as Anthropocosmos Man". The ancient Egyptians saw the Cosmos as an "act of divine conscious creation" and the seed of that divine consciousness was present in every human being, waiting to be watered and nourished and returned to its divine state through the process of spiritual alchemy, the transmutation of mortal man into his divine and enlightened state. Read More


14th Seti 1st Temple Abydos 

For the Ancient Egyptians, Abydos was one of the holiest sites in the world. It was the center of the god Osiris and was known as the Gateway to the underworld. Osiris, lord of the cycles of creation, symbolizing the divine spark in man and the physical creation. This aspect of Osiris describes the process of birth, re-birth, renewal and return, a return to the divine. Abydos is still a place of pilgrimage for Spiritual travellers and is said to be the burial place of the head of Osiris. It is here at Abydos that Osiris is brought back to life after having being killed and cut into 14 pieces by his brother Set. Read More


The Osirion Temple Abydos - Flower of Life 

At the rear of Sety I temple is a very strange structure called the Osirion that holds a number of mysteries. The Osirion temple is comprised of enormous sized red granite blocks and is similar to Old Kingdom megalithic structures, like the Valley Temple, and the Sphinx Temple at Giza. The megalithic design, the lack of inscriptions, and the fact that some of the larger stone blocks weigh up to 100 tons suggests that the Osirion pre-dates the temple of Sety. By examination of the Nile silt laid down around the Osirion temple it has been observed that the silt was laid down at a time of much higher floods, floods of this nature date back to the 10,000 B.C time frame. Read More


Dendera Temple

Each sacred site served many functions and one of those various functions being as astronomical observatories. It was Sir Norman Lockyer, through his research, as he measured the orientation of the temples of Egypt, realized that they had an astronomical basis, and so the modern science of Archaeoastronomy was born. The goddess Hathor, in her aspect of Isis, personified the star Sirius, and the temple of Hathor at Dendera, which was built on the ruins of a much older temple, was used to track this star. Like the temple at Edfu, to which the temple of Dendera is linked, there are inscriptions which indicate that Dendera temple was built according to an ancient plan. Read More


15th Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is the burial place for many of the New Kingdom Pharaohs. These tombs which are cut into the rock of the valley, are symbolic representations of the tomb and the womb. The long cut tunnels of the tombs represent the tunnel through which we pass at death, at the same time they equally representing the birth canal through which we are birthed into a new life. Death on one level is birth on another. Read More


16th Valley of the Queens - Temple of Hetshepsut

The Temple of Hetshepsut, the most famous female Pharaoh of Egypt. Here we see the Divine Feminine Principle at work, the female energy reigning for 22 years, Hetshepsut was well respected by the Priesthood of Amun, commanding respect and authority from the priests and the people. Senmut, Hetshepsut's lover, designed the temple with rows of colonnades that reflect the vertical patterns displayed by the cliff backdrop. In this way the temple is a successful example of architectural harmony between man and nature. The temple is dedicated to the creative aspects known as Hathor and Amun. Hathor, the divine aspect of love, music, sensuality, healing, motherhood. The seven Hathors associated with the star system of the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters. Amun the "Hidden One", the "Coiled Serpent in the Mound of Creation", the story of the descent of Spirit into Matter.


17th Medinet Habu Temple

Habu Temple was known in ancient Egypt as the "Mound of the Mothers and Fathers".  The Temple was the location of the  burial Mound of the four pairs of male and female who were considered to be the mothers and fathers of all creation.  The birth place of the Ogdoad was Hermopolis and after having created the world, they "receded into the primordial waters" in Thebes, at Habu Temple.  The Creative Powers of the Ogdoad used in the Creation of the World remain latent at the sits of Hermopolis and Medinet Habu and can be accessed by the Wisdom Keepers.  The Ogdoad were represented as four pairs of male and female frogs and snakes.  The males were associated with the frogs and the females with the snakes, frogs are associated with bio-genetic experiments and snakes with DNA.  The Ogdoad were Nun & Naunet, Amun & Amaunet, Heh & Hauhet, Kek & Keket.


Temple of Amenhotep 111 & Akenaten The Clossus of Memon

Amenhotep III called the complex "a fortress of eternity out of good white sandstone—worked with gold throughout".  Its floors were purified with silver, all of its doorways were of electrum," an alloy of gold and silver. This temple was the original entrance into the Valley of the Kings.  The Clossus are that of Amenhotep 111 and his son Amenhotep IV,  Amenhotep 111 was known by the name of Solomon who dedicated himself to rediscovering the wisdom, mysteries and traditions of earlier Egyptian Dynasties. A strong relationship has been established between the "Proverbs of Solomon" in the Bible and the "Maxims of Amenhotep III" found in Egypt.

The Ramesseum 

The Temple of Millions of Years United with Thebes.


18th Free Day & Sailing on the Nile

Visit Luxor and Nile Sunset Sailing

Visit Luxor Souk (Market) and buy all your gifts.  Later sail peacefully on the River Nile and enjoy the beautiful Egyptian Sunset.


19th Fly to Cairo

20th Sakkara - The Stepped Pyramid

The sound & dream healing sacred site of Sakkara

The Serapeum of Sakkara

Enter the Great Pyramid
on the Solstice 21st Dec 2020 

at the exact center of the Planet 
on the biggest energy vortex on Earth!

21st Solstice Giza the Greatest Mystery School of them all!

The greatest of all the Mystery Schools was in Egypt at Giza, it was here that they taught the mystery of the immortality of the soul. It is evident that the knowledge possessed during the times the Pyramids are said to have been built included a complete grasp of astronomy, solar systems, planetary bodies, distances, the procession of the equinoxes and the fixed star groupings, sacred geometry, advanced mathematics, physics, geography. Unofficially, Thoth built the Great Pyramid and encoded into it energetic and sacred geometrical templates for planetary consciousness evolution. It is said that Thoth built the pyramids using his sacred knowledge of atomic structures and sound frequencies. The great pyramid later served as initiation chambers for those who completed their Mystery School training.

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