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Flower of Light Mystery School

From the Emerald Isle to the Blue Nile

Bio Quantum Geometric Healing

The Ancient Ascension Science of the Future

We are Shamans accessing information through dream time.  Only the subconscious mind understands symbols, shape, feelings, emotion’s.  The most highly advanced information was accessed only through the subconscious mind, through dreaming, meditation and trance.  Only the most highly advanced adepts understood these symbols and could interpret them, only the most advanced could access this information, this is how it was protected.  All ancient sites were places for dreaming, this was a form of healing.  Sleeping on a sacred site and using techniques thought in the mystery school, the student would go into a sleep but with a particular goal in mind.  That goal was to bring back information to the conscious mind.  Dreaming and out of body experiences were the ways in which the higher dimensional realms were reached.  To access the ancient sites in the higher dimensions the student would have to be out of body. The keys are vibratory keys and the codes are contained within the light body, waiting to be activated.  Each code is not only a key but an entire body of knowledge, which once activated, will be released into the conscious mind.

Artwork by Christine Desmond Cleary