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Flower of Light Mystery School

From the Emerald Isle to the Blue Nile

At 14 Years old, I had a motor bike accident in which I went through the death process. I experienced this in an out of body state where I was shown many things and places

One of these places was a celestial chamber in which I met with a man dressed in a purple cloak. His cloak had stars, moons and suns, it is as if his cloak was the fabric of space itself. The chamber walls were blank, no inscriptions, but were alive with a light that I had never seen before. It had no source of origin but was everywhere. This light was a beautiful violet colour and it flickered all over the walls and floors, all over me and the man in purple. The man showed me that in every one of the light bubbles, there was a symbol and every symbol was different, unique. Each a different colour, shape and size, I was told that you will never get two the same unless you copy it. I was shown that all these symbols make up what is known as the Book of Thoth, written in the language of Creation the Geometry of the Divine. Years after the motor bike accident, I began drawing symbols, I didn’t know why or what they were.

The Book of Thoth is not written in any language that we presently understand. It does not exist as a physical book; it is the link between energy and physical matter. It is written in the language of numbers, colours, symbols and geometry. The Book of Thoth is also known as the Book of Coming Forth by Light, the ancient science of Atlantis and Lemuria. I was shown how everything emerges from the singularity of one thought into the multiplicity of a Universe. The mission I was given was to re-member the book and to bring it back with me into my third dimensional existence. To do this, I had to go to Egypt and rediscover it, to put it back together, to re- member it. Just as the two sisters, Isis and Nephthys had done with the body of Osiris, they rediscovered all the dismembered pieces of his body and put them back together. It is the feminine energy that must re-member the male.

Having re membered the Book of Thoth in Egypt, my instruction was to bring it back to the place of its origin, the Emerald Isle. On 30th September 2012, I ran my first event in Ireland at the Hill of Tara. I organised this event from Egypt with others helping in Ireland. The focus of the event was to remove the energetic blocks that had been placed on our ancient sites in Ireland and to reconnect them back to the Master Crystal, the Great Pyramid of Egypt. In particular, for this event I was working on the energetic connection between the Hill of Tara and the Great Pyramid. The physical link to the Crystal Grid are the ancient sites that exists all over planet Earth. The ancient sites are linked, not only to each other, but all back to the Master Crystal, the Great Pyramid of Giza which sits at the exact centre of the earth’s landmass. My goal for this event was not only to activate and reconnect the ancient sites, but also to help awaken and activate the memory of the people of Atlantis Eire. We raised an Octahedron of light which was to envelope the ancient Hill of Tara, I spoke some words from the wisdom of Thoth, the Emerald Tablets and together we brought the Book of Thoth back to its origins, the Emerald Isle. We reconnected the Hill of Tara to the Master Crystal, the Great Pyramid and cleared the energetic portals so that the Sacred information could once again flower freely.

Since 2012, I have continued to work between Egypt and Ireland reconnecting our ancient sites and re-membering our ancient ancestors and the wealth of wisdom they have left for us. Theirs was a sacred science so far advanced, that it is little understood even today. It is a science of harmony, balance, truth and equality, represented in ancient Egypt, in one of its many forms, as the Feather of Ma’at. They were the Masters of the Net, the Net is the Consciousness Crystal Grid to which we were once all connected. In truth, we were never disconnected from the Crystal Grid. The Fall of Man is encoded into the Great Pyramid in the form of the two chambers known as the Kings and Queens chambers. Our consciousness descended into the illusion of physical matter. As a natural bi product of this descent, we lose the memory of our immortal nature. It is only the male aspect of our consciousness that fell into this illusion. Like a golden thread, our feminine aspect, our subconscious, never fell. It is the thread that links us back to the memory of our Creator Consciousness.