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Esna Temple

Posted by info on June 5, 2017 at 7:40 PM

Khnum the ram headed god who fashioned mankind on his potter’s wheel. His role as divine potter sees him creating and inscribing the creative pattern of the Ka. Khnum performs a role in physical life by apportioning the instincts to the body, these instincts act as guides for consciousness to know itself and remember its divine origins. Khnum creates the divine blueprint, the replication of DNA that carries the information for all life. Khnum was a water deity and was associated with the annual flooding of the Nile, the waters of life. His name means to create or to join together.

Esna temple is also associated with the goddess Neith, she is portrayed as a woman carrying crossed arrows or wearing a weaving shuttle on her head. Neith is considered as one of the great self created goddesses. The act of weaving is symbolic for the divine processes of the male and female principal, active and passive, forever at work in creation. Neith is associated with Thoth (divine intellect) and her symbolic act of weaving are examples of the processes of crossing or weaving the net of the nervous and other systems of the body to facilitate intelligence and perception. Neith has also been associated with modern string theory.

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